Better Sleep Tips

If you have memory issues, you don’t have early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Most people forget things now and then and it doesn’t matter how old you. It is also normal to be absent-minded as you age. If you can’t remember what you had for lunch yesterday, who cares? You will recall important facts when the time comes. With a busy life, too many facts and figures try to get stored away in long-term memory and the short-term brain cells often fail us unexpectedly. If you panic, you will be stressed for no reason. Memory loss can be controlled. Studies show that you can improve it with vitamin supplements and basic learned skills. People who are organized seem to have an easier time with recalling appointments, phone numbers, people’s names, and their mother’s birthday.

If you are chaotic, your brain will reflect this condition. Getting a grip on your schedule, your obligations and responsibilities, and how to take charge of your time will help immensely. Taking a course in time management is a wonderful idea. Or you can read all the tips and tricks of the experts on line. They suggest puzzles and games to stimulate your mental ability and using acronyms to remember things. An example is OPEC which equals Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. You can make up any abbreviation you like if it helps with recall. Remember as a kid when you memorized the great lakes with the acronym, HOMES (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior).

Eating poorly and getting little to no exercise has an effect on the entire body, including memory. When you aren’t functioning at your peak level, your brain won’t either. Sleep is another major culprit when it comes to memory loss. People who get less than the required amount (around eight hours for most of us) will not perform well on memory tests. Sleep tips are very well known:

  • Go to bed at the same time every night and get up the next day at a given time. In other words, regularity is the key to good sleep.
  • Turn off the cell phone, computer, and TV well before bedtime as hard as this may be.
  • Take melatonin or drink milk if you want a natural sleep aid.
  • Do not drink coffee or any caffeine drink two hours before bed. For some people it is at dinner time.
  • Keep the lighting low in your bedroom and close the drapes if there are intrusive exterior lights such as neon signs. Try to eliminate noise by using soft ear plugs.
  • Use a cool mist humidifier ( if it is hot in your room. It is difficult to sleep when you are too hot or too cold. We all use heat or blankets for the first problem, but few people I know have a humidifier. You can breathe better as well.

There are the top tips for a great night’s sleep. Counting sheep isn’t on them, but some swear by it.