Heater Investigation

I love the challenge of research on the Internet. If it involves memory, so much the better. Most of the time, I just remember seeing relevant material and I can retrieve it in no time flat. You could say I have good recall. I also know that if you are on line as much as I am, you accumulate a bundle of facts and figures that you can use in various ways over time. My friends know this so when they have a problem to investigate, they call on me, knowing that I will say yes. I have been given a real assortment of things to research including the best crossbow for hunting deer, the most exotic island resort in the world, how to build a shed for the backyard, who is the most popular football player in the NFL, and more.

People want to know things and are too busy or lazy to look them up on their own. I am not. I am happy to do the job, and not for a fee. I do it for the sheer pleasure of the experience. I have my own projects and can easily take a break now and then to help someone else. If they want to know how to do the tango, if they want to buy an inflatable pool, if they want to learn to be better at toning up in the gym, or if they want instructions on running a home generator—they come to me. Life is full of questions and how to situations. The Internet is the great universal resource for anything and everything. More and more is added every day. If you spend time on line as I do, you immeasurably enhance your store of knowledge. Sometimes you just do something practical.

A case in point is that a friend needed a new pool heater for an above ground pool and gave me the task of finding out what kind, how to install it, and what it should ideally cost. He hoped to find a vendor in our area which narrowed down my search considerably. First I wanted to survey the scene and see what is new on the market in general. You have to have a model in mind before you hone in on discounts on price. Most people don’t install them on their own unless they have experience, so I suggested buying a good unit, having it delivered, and hiring a pool serviceman.

This is indeed what happened. I tried to tell him all the ins and outs of the heater, but he wasn’t interested. I trust your judgment he said. This is why he gave me the job in the first place. He didn’t want or need details, just reassurance that the best above ground pool heater was going to soon be right next to his swimming pool. He missed the warm water and buying a new heater was the easy answer. It often costs more to fix the old ones and they inevitably break down again.