Note to Self

Improving your memory isn’t that hard. There are all sorts of tips and tricks that can nudge your sleepy brain back into action. We are so loaded within information from all fronts that we are bogged down in daily trivia, drowning in it as a matter of fact. Most people want to stay current, but it means perusing the Internet, scanning websites, and reading a plethora of material – and not all good. It means listening to people chatter on about nothing. Much of this activity is a waste of time, and the best memory device I can think of off the top of my head is to cut back… way back… on stimuli. Let your mind breathe a little and you will find it is easy to refocus.

When you step back from the chaos of modern information systems and platforms (that would include the ubiquitous smart phone, tablet, laptop, and iPod), you begin to see the forest from the trees. You can retain memories if they are special and meaningful, but you have to pick and choose. Most go by the wayside. One way to remember things over the long haul is to write them down and post them in a visible location. Your list can consist of things you did that you don’t want to forget happened, as well as upcoming items that are mandatory to recall. Appointments and commitments fall into this territory. Also in this category are birthdays, special events, and milestones. It is more than embarrassing to be too busy to acknowledge personal days for friends and family.

The place you post your list (which can include photos and notes) is a kind of “memory board” of your life. You can staple your items to make sure they stay in place. Staples are easy to remove with that little strange-looking plastic and metal device. Get yourself a staple gun for this board of yours so you can place it face to face with the wall. The paper does not go between the metal holders as with traditional models. It is the very same gadget you use to hang curly paper birthday decorations, holiday lights, and leafy garlands. It will serve you well throughout the year, so get a good one that will last. Forget searching for two-sided tape that loves to stick to itself or push pins that fall on the ground.

Think of this board as a note to yourself. It will show you the life passing before your very eyes. It will organize and sort what isn’t that way in reality. Things happen to us at random and our memories are fairly selective. If something isn’t important, it will float away. Hang on to the important memories by highlighting them in a scrapbook, on Facebook, or Instagram. Sharing them will make them last. There is a huge difference between short and long term memory and you don’t realize how fleeting the former can be. If you don’t fix memories for posterity, they will not do so of their own accord.