Ways to Improve Your Memory

A lot of us don’t just want to preserve our memories: we want to actively make them better. We’ve all had that co-worker who seems to remember everything on the spot without even looking it up, impressing everyone on the spot. We’ve all sat next to that student in class who always seemed to know all the answers as if he or she had already taken the class. The thing is, a lot of those people have advantages when it comes to memory, and many of these advantages can be acquired. They weren’t just born with fantastic memories and they didn’t just let them sit for all of these years. They had to work at them too and develop them, and you can do the same thing.

For one thing, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you’re not getting enough exercise or if you’re not eating right. We all tend to think about diet and exercise in terms of things like weight and cardiovascular fitness, but diet and exercise is going to affect cognitive fitness as well. People that take thirty-minute walks each and every day are that much more likely to hold onto their cognitive abilities as they get older. Some senior citizens actually managed to improve cognitively when they took up walking. Young people can get all of the same benefits. Their brains and hearts will both thank them.

Eating more fruits and vegetables definitely helps when it comes to building the right diet for cognitive health, especially if you’re eating the fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants. Green tea is also great for boosting your memory in general. I’ve taking to drinking it as often as I can. Drinking green tea is a great way to feel healthier in general.

Of course, one of the simplest ways to develop a better memory simply involves getting more social activity, especially with new people. People that are kept in solitary confinement will actually often find that they have a hard time remembering anything. They may even begin to lose their long-term memories. Human beings need other human beings, or they start to fall apart in every way. However, even individuals that aren’t being excluded from society aren’t going to get the full benefits of socialization if they only ever see a few acquaintances each day. Hanging out with the same people all the time can still be positive. However, the people that are constantly meeting new people and learning about new people are going to get the full cognitive benefits of socialization.

We tend to think of the types of memory improvement that involve studying and adopting healthier lifestyle choices. However, some of them can be simple matters of spending more time with new people. Whoever said that memory training and memory improvements had to be boring was wrong.