Worthwhile Tip

I value the role of memory in our lives and relish each and every detail that might make it function better. The memory is the repository of lost thoughts, actions, happenings, and experiences; but they can be retrieved and repurposed. It is an automatic brain function to delve into this vast realm of storage that we have on tap. Anything whether it be exercise or eating certain vegetables that helps make the memory work better is valuable to me. I even believe in those miracle supplements they tout on line that will restore poor memory in a matter of weeks. Better that than, I feel you must use your memory all the time to keep it current and alive. We all live with so much stimulation in our lives that our brains can’t possibly register it all. We are lucky if we can recall one-tenth of what we experience. It depends of course on the importance of happenings whether they get stored permanently or not. Something that is trivial and mundane isn’t going to pass muster. Something that is what we called a life event will remain.

You ask why I care so much about memory. It is because you have one life to live and you want to be part and parcel of it all. You don’t want fragments of meaningful conversations or relationships to float away. Think how lucky those people are with total recall. You can mention a time and a place and they will vividly remember what happened exactly as it took place. How nice to have your entire life intact. So I practice memory games, do puzzles, and keep reminders around me to ensure I don’t let something slide. Some people think I go a bit too far. Memorizing lists of things to nudge the muscles of the brain might be a strain. I look for odd tricks and tips all the time that pertain to reconstituting memory. Now here’s one for the books. Someone told me—or did I read it online (I can’t remember oddly enough). It has to do with, as I recall, that someone recommends wearing compression socks like nurses wear when you runs to keep blood flowing back to his heart. This pumping of blood is a surefire boost to the memory, not just to your circulation alone. Okay, I believe wholeheartedly in the veracity of this one—it’s not just some old wives’ tale.

I absolutely am going to run out and get a pair of these heavy-duty socks that promote circulation in the legs, kind of like those you wear during surgery so you don’t get blood clots. It is simple science and it makes perfect sense. Besides, if it helps my memory, what can it hurt if it also has other wonder properties? Nurses wear them when they are on their feet for hours and hours. They know just how they work in principal. As for running, I don’t see many scurrying down hospital corridors, but as a side benefit, I can see how it applies.